What difference does a leader make?

What difference does a leader make?  Well, we need to look no further than God’s Word to find an answer.  In the Bible when God chose a leader the people rejoiced. Look at Moses…a humble man who only had to fight one enemy….right?

Not hardly, although he fought Pharaoh, his constant enemy were the people of Israel that he laid down his life for to bring into the promise land.

Some would call this friendly fire.  David Barton says, “many Christian leaders today need to wear their bullet proof vests on their backs, from the people who are suppose to be their friends.”

What type of leaders do you want in Kansas?  What are the values that are important to you?  Jesus modeled election when He spoke through Jethro to give wisdom to Moses.  He told them to put men in charge over thousands, hundreds and tens.

Learn to know your candidates.  Find out what their values are and what they support and then support and help them get into office.