We Need His Presence


This is the means the Lord has provided for earth to invade Heaven so that Heaven can invade earth.  The byline for Culture Shield Network is Touch Heaven -Impact Earth.

 God says, You have not because you ask not. . . James 4:3

 In Revelation 5, we read about the bowls of heaven that are filled with the prayers of the saints.  He wants them filled before He will tip them.

 Let’s tip the bowls of Heaven. 

Anne Graham Lotz is calling for 7 days of prayer starting on July 7th, she’s calling for 7 hours of prayer & fasting.

 God is doing something and wanting to get our attention.

Is it because He desires our relationship to deepen, or is He saying disaster is looming and I want My people engaged?

No matter what the situation, we need His Presence in our lives.

 Please, please,  let’s not ignore His call.  “A thud will be heard in Heaven when His people hit their knees in prayer.”

Culture Shield is sponsoring a prayer day on 7/14/14. in Topeka, KS.   Go to www.cultureshield.com for more information.