We can’t go back . . .


Would you say that you are an informed voter? Do you understand the issues of the day, the experience of the candidates, their voting record or aware of their public statements?  Who do you trust to get your information from? Do you have friends that ask your opinion about candidates?  Are you tired of mud slinging and just want to know the truth?

Well, we can take a breather from all the ads, some of which this go round evidently didn’t even have to be checked out.  It seems if you have enough money you can say anything. I have many people ask me about who I vote for because they know I’ve researched the issues.  While my organization does not endorse any single candidate, you can trust us to educate you on the issues.  Kansas is now one of the most pro-life states in the nation.  That was not the case under the previous administration and we don’t want to go back.  We will not rest until personhood is restored to all!

 Let’s keep fighting for the unborn.

To learn more about Personhood in Kansas click here: http://www.personhoodkansas.org/about-personhood/our-supporters/