Billy Graham Speaks To The Nation 2

The day that we’ve been hearing about for over a year is almost here.  All hands on deck, all televisions tuned to hear our beloved Billy Graham. Check here for local listings   Our prayer is that our nation will be inspired to have Hope for America.

Just so you know, America has been in worse shape that we are now.  PrayerConnect reports, “In 1790 most churches were empty. Pastors wrote of “coarse sensuality”.  Irreligion was rampant on college campuses. In fact, on certain campuses, Bibles were publicly burned and major schools only a handful of students confessed of being Christian.

What happened? Pastors began a movement of prayer and by 1801 a spiritual explosion took place and swept the nation. The second Great Awakening started and abolition was launched. Hospitals, schools and colleges were founded and it lasted for over 50 years.   Click here to read more on this topic at Prayer Connect magazine

“In the midst of similar problems today, we pray with hope and confidence. We have seen the glory of Christ before.”

Are you ready for the 3rd “greater awakening?”

Please Pray & Fast

Don’t give up HOPE,  there is always HOPE.