Urgent Response Needed Tomorrow In Topeka

Tuesday May 20th,  the Topeka City Council will consider two very controversial proposals.

  1. Domestic Partnership register in the city of Topeka
  2. A new protected class of “gender identity” in the City’s hiring and affirmative action ordinance.

 The first would create a marriage substitute in Topeka allowing homosexual couples to obtain a legal document from the city recognizing their partnership.

That means homosexual partnerships will be granted the same benefits of marriage within the city of Topeka.

 The second “gender identity” would mean offering health care benefits and certain protections included in affirmative action to individuals who have self determined their gender.

 What can you do to prevent this from happening in Topeka?

Rise Up Oh Men of God….Rise Up Oh Women of God

Take your stand on the wall for righteousness.

Attend the Topeka City Council Meeting Tuesday May 20th

If you wish to speak at the meeting you must call city hall before 5 p.m. 

Call 368-4940 to put your name on the list. 

 The church needs to take the lead on this.

One response on “Urgent Response Needed Tomorrow In Topeka

  1. Martha

    Hey, we need your help Please post information that we can use when we go to speak tomorrow on same sex marriage. If you Culture Shield want us to stand strong then post us some armor. We are needing you help.
    Thank you