Urgent Help Needed!


Kris Kobach needs our urgent help before tomorrow!

Please take a few minutes and by Friday, 5 PM EST, make a public comment to protect Kansas Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration.
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (with Arizona) sued the Election Assistance Commission because the EAC refused to update the Kansas-specific instructions on the national mail voter registration form, which is the commission’s duty.This has caused all sorts of problems, and if the EAC doesn’t do its job the result will be a bifurcated voter registration system in Kansas and states with similar requirements.

1) That means people who use the federal voter registration form the way it is now (no instruction about Kansas’ requirement to submit a citizenship document) AND do not provide a citizenship document (because the form gives no notice to do so), will only have met federal requirements which means they can only vote a federal ballot.

2) But if the EAC updates the federal voter registration form, then people who use it and provide a citizenship document will have also met state requirements, which means they can vote in federal, state and local elections!

We have two days to make our voices heard! All in favor of including our state law requirements on the federal form should tell the EAC.


Sample Comment: COPY & PASTE the following as your comment, if you would like.

“I live in Kansas. The EAC must update the National Mail Voter Registration Form to include instructions that Kansas requires a copy of one of 13 documents to verify that the applicant using the federal form is a citizen of the United States. This will create chaos in Kansas if you don’t do this!”

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