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The liquor lobby has succeeded in getting their side to call and email. 

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Please read some of the harmful effects on families in the liquor density quotes below and share that. This is not about convenience but increasing shattered lives that will increase pain but also add cost to government to pick up the pieces. The system we have is working well, don’t change it.

Marin Institute Reports

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Numerous studies have shown that alcohol outlet density is significantly related to the level of alcohol harm that neighborhoods experience, particularly violence. 

Oulet density also can influence how drinkers congregate, making them more aggressive or encouraging others to drink. 

Examining 16 years’worth of data in Canada found that reducing off-premise density was significanly associated with a decease in alcohol consumption more than other social and economic factors

Suicide rates among boys between 15-19 years old have been shown to increase by up to 12 percent when alcohol outlets increase.

Areas with more alcohol outlets have been found to have higher rates of child abuse.

 Higher alcohol outlet densities leads to disproportionately concentrated in low-income racial or ethnic minority communities.

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“Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the house of Israel, so hear the words I speak and speak them for Me.  If you do not speak these words, I will hold you accountable for he blood.”
Ezekiel 3:17