What happens when you mix passionate prayer and action?  Dynomite!!!

That is Dunamos in scripture but Dynomite to us! Explosive, the kind of power that raised the son of God from the grave.The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Body of Christ, when the Body of Christ is engaged, focused and believing that they are the hands and feet of Christ, that they are worth so much more than their salt, that they are impacting their culture through Christ strength and direction.

The Body of Christ from all over the nation is in full swing in Kansas.  There is prayer, there’s action, they are walking, talking, singing praising and declaring VICTORY in Jesus.  Last week I told you about a March for JESUS in Liberal.  It’s time Kansas comes together and lifst up the NAME OF JESUS in a statewide, corporate CHEER.  Now, I’m not talking about  the Kansas City Royals, although all eyes are on Kansas, but miracle, upon miracle that takes place when His people, become the voice of reason, the voice for TRUTH, the voice for HIM.

Lift up the name of JESUS!