Touch Heaven . . .Impact Earth

When earth invades heaven, heaven will invade earth. When choosing the byline for Culture Shield Network we chose Touch Heaven, Impact Earth. 

What does that mean?  How do we as believers Touch Heaven or Invade Heaven. We believe it is through prayer.

Moses had a discussion with God on Mount Sinai when God told him that his people were rebelling.  God said,” I have seen this people, and behold they are an obstinate people. Now let Me alone that My anger may burn against them that I may destroy them.”  Can you imagine Moses giving the God of the Universe some advice?  

You see Moses knew the character of God.  He said,”Turn away from your burning anger and change your mind.”

Did the people deserve punishment? Did they deserve to be destroyed? Do we deserve punishment…do we deserve to be destroyed?

This is the basis of 7/14/14.  A day of fasting and repentance across our nation.  Come to Topeka and participate or observe this in your own city or home.  God’s word speaks of the city of Ephesus, the city of Corinth…. Will He still speak to the city of Wichita, the city of Hays or your city?  

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