The Real Reason We Celebrate!

Preparing for Christmas comes in many forms… there is cooking, cleaning, shopping, figuring out what to get Grandma, and all these children.  How is your spiritual preparation coming?

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail that got my attention.  It was a link to a youtube video.  I watched it and I became exhilarated, focused and enthused.  It  Jesus being born of a virgin and focused on just why He came and went to the cross.

I’d really like for you to watch it.  It’s David Phelps singing a song that will inspire you to keep the main thing the main thing this week.  No matter what is on your schedule, this song and it’s lyrics will play in your mind, just by giving around 5 minutes.

After you listen, please listen again, and re-prioritize your day, and even your week.  Search for who you can share Christ with.

He is the reason we live.  He is the reason we celebrate!