The Personhood Debate

For 41 years we have lived with the consequences of legalizing the killing of little baby boys and girls and our culture is seeing the results. 54,000,000 children have been killed since 1973.

I personally, believe Personhood should be restored to the unborn.  Under the constitution, legally, they have a right to protection. 

Here in Kansas we would like to pass a resolution that would give all Kansans the right to voice their vote in favor or restoring that personhood to those little ones. 

Please pray as Personhood Kansas moves in the legislature this year and hopefully wins a hearing, and then a vote to put Personhood on the ballot.

You remember how long those Israelites went around that mountain don’t you? I, for one, want to enter the promise land, and have my children and grandchildren enter with me.  If our culture is to turn around, I feel it will be when abortion is outlawed.

Let’s leave a legacy for our own children that they can be proud of instead of the generation that legalized killing, let’s stop it.