The Bathroom Debate

A debate is happening at Florence High School in Florence, Colo., located near Colorado Springs. Parents of several girls are seeking a legal remedy after their daughters were required to share bathrooms with a male who maintains his true gender identity is that of a woman.

Last week two girls were threatened to be removed from athletic participation if they didn’t stop quoting the constitution about their right to privacy.  A young man who claims he’s really a woman is allowed to come into their restroom and locker room.

The Pacific Justice League sent a strongly-worded letter to school officials at Florence High School, warning them against squelching student privacy and speech rights in order to cater to the wishes of a teenage boy who has been entering girls’ bathrooms on campus.

This isn’t the only school to be affected by these laws.  Many schools in California, Colorado and other states across our nation have started to be affected by this LGBT agenda.  We have to stand up now and fight these battles one city at a time.  We must get involved and unite and not just sit on the sidelines and watch our children’s rights be threatened.  Our children should not have to suffer because of these political agendas being forced on them.

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 Wake up Kansas!  Be on the alert!

It’s one thing for everyone to have freedom, but when they come after our children,….when they infringe on our lifestyle, we’d better stand up and be counted or lose our nation to a loud 3% of the population.