We are all busy making plans to gather with family, and prepare special recipes they all enjoy, but here is a quick reminder about a spiritual preparation. In the past, Governor Brownback has issued a statement encouraging all of us to spend some time reconciling relationships before gathering on Thanksgiving Day.  I mention this now so that we can actually spend some time in prayer seeking the Lord about our friends and family.  Careless words often cause strife and hurt feelings.  How we can become an encourager to those we love the most? We need to be intentional as we seek His wisdom.  What about that son or daughter who’s looking for a job…. how about affectionately boasting about their gifts and what blessings they have to offer. Taking time to look into the eyes of that 3 year old grandson and sitting on the floor to play with them when they get frustrated and cry.Are there people who need a phone call to clear the air over careless words? Thanksgiving….mostly we’re thankful for people…right???

Let’s tell them.