Thank You Governor Brownback


Thank You Governor Brownback!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that some justices are creating laws from the bench.  How about our President issuing Executive orders with a pen and a phone? Last week in Kansas Governor Sam Brownback put the brakes on this slippery slope in Kansas.  He said “No” to special rights for homosexuals.  Governor Kathleen Sebelius with a pen and a phone granted the LGBT community special privileges without going through the legislature.  The state of Kansas was founded on Judeo Christian principals.  That’s why our history shows that we were a “FREE” state.  We believed and still do, that what the Bible says about God’s people means we are all created equal. . . no special treatment for homosexuals when it comes to employment.  Everyone needs to be hired for their qualifications and keep their jobs for their performance.

Governor Brownback deserves our gratitude for protecting Kansas. Please call 785-295-3232 and tell them to thank Gov. Brownback for following the rule of law.