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Orphan Sunday

NOVEMBER 3 – Orphan Sunday

One Day-One Voice-One Purpose!

 995 children in Kansas Need a Forever HOME!

 One month ago, I was in K.C. after visiting with Anna Pilato at DCF in Topeka.  She was asking me to inform the churches in Kansas about Orphan Sunday.  In K.C.,a Pastor from Possom Trot, Texas was sharing about his church that has adopted 76 foster children.  Possom Trot doesn’t even have a stoplight.  I knew then that this task is not impossible for KANSAS. November is National Adoption Month – in KANSAS the Department of Children and Families is reaching out to KANSAS churches to put feet to the scripture,

 ” Religion that our father calls pure and faultless is this: to take care of the widows and the orphans and keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27

           Have you ever thought about what happens to a foster child when they turn 18? 

If they don’t have a forever home, where do they go for Christmas?

Is there any chance for college?

If each church would support one family to adopt one foster child that has no hope of ever going back to their home of origin they could have a FOREVER HOME. Kansas would be BLESSED and the little ones would have stability.  A place to call HOME.  Here is what you can do.  Support that family by, offering some child care, help to pay for counseling for the family and little ones who have gone so long without a forever home, drop by a meal, allow the couple to have a weekend away, even set up a fund if financial help is needed.

 How can this happen:

 click here for resources for your church on Orphan Sunday




Orphan Sunday – November 3rd

Celebrate Orphan Sunday November 3, 2013.

Orphan Sunday is Nov. 3rd in Kansas.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families is asking that communities across Kansas will join together to raise adoption awareness with One Day, One Voice, One Purpose.

The goal is to have many churches and communities across Kansas put up posters as soon as possible. Contact the Department for Children and Families and request resources for this. They have powerpoint, video, and guides for your participation.

A little town in Texas, Possom Trot, has adopted 76 children just in one church. Possom Trot is so small the town doesn’t even have a stoplight. Would it be possible for 1 church in each county to adopt a child? That would take care of around 10%. One would trust that there would be a dozen churches in each county that could adopt a child. Of the 995 children that need forever homes, many are teenagers that have never had a home to call their own.  The hope is that the rest of the church body could surround this family and help with expenses, child care, education, baby sitting, spiritual and emotional support.

For more information please contact http://www.dcf.ks.gov or call:
Marie E Yeary
Assistant to Deputy Secretary Anna Pilato
Office Manager
DCF Learning Center
Strategic Development, Faith-based and Community Initiatives
(785)296-2589 Direct