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It’s time for all believers to hit their knees in prayer and pick up their cell phones and call the number of those on the education committee, led by Rep. Ron Highland. On Friday, that committee will decide the fate of Common Core in Kansas and the future of our children. Public Schools in Kansas don’t need to be put into a cookie press to turn out little worker bees. 

We want good solid curriculum put together by Kansans.  Common Core is destructive in so many ways.

Have you checked out the way they want you to do math? 

It’s time to pray, and call.  Activate your prayer lines, and ask the Lord to stop Kansas from Common Core.  HB 2292 is a good bill, and endorsed with its strong constitutionality by our own Secretary of State Kris Kobach.  You can call your local representative and tell them HB 2292 needs to pass to save Kansas children. 

Our children are our most precious asset.

Go to www.kansasagainstcommoncore.com for more information.

Help Stop Common Core In Kansas

Our children are our most precious asset and they are the future.  Therefore we must stand up for them and their education.  We are hearing so many negatives against common core.  I encourage you to press in and pray for our children in our schools.  Kansas has had so many meetings to expose the agenda that is reaching far beyond our little ones sitting under a curriculum.

Please gather in your homes, churches, and schools to pray that the Lord will protect and provide for our public schools.  Their agenda is to force this horrible curriculum over a period of time to our children.

We all need to pray for our Christian Schools and homeschool families too. 

The message of the Awakening Freedom Tour is essential at this time.  We emphasize family involvement and give you resources that will equip parents to once again claim that the family is the spiritual center of our nation.  Our children are the arrows that must go further into the Kingdom than our own generation.

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Kansans Against Common Core: http://kansansagainstcommoncore.wordpress.com/