Stand Up and Pray!

The enemy is unleashed.

Let me be clear. The enemy is NOT the homosexual community, the abortionist, the evolutionist.  The enemy is satan himself.  The enemy is sin.

 The Lord expects His people to rise up in our calling and fight the battle.  He does not expect us to ignore, or tolerate sin…. God does not tolerate sin and He will not revive a church that tolerates sin.

 By not talking about homosexuality, abortion or the sins of this world, we allow all of us to stay in it.  It gives the impression that we “tolerate” what God will not tolerate.

 Kansas has a threat of losing our definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.  God is not pleased.  PRAY, PRAY like you never have before for the sake of the Kingdom, and for the sake of our children.

 When evil becomes law, acceptance is not far behind.  We must not tolerate sin.  Anything that rises up against the glory of God is SIN.

 Come to Topeka on 7/14/14 to PRAY!

 “We will accept nothing less than a full victory.” President Dwight Eisenhower

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One response on “Stand Up and Pray!

  1. TC Kim

    I agree that our struggle is not against flesh or blood, but against rulers , authorities, powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

    We are supposed to struggle not only Satan. There are brood of vipers(Matthew 3:7, 12:34 , 23:33) or snakes, or son of hell, blind guides, child of the devil( Satan) even an accursed brood that Jesus called those teachers and Pharisees who came against Him.
    These evil people come with Satan to destroy, kill and steal church . In 2 Peter 2:10- 14 detailed who they are; they are with eyes full of adultery, never stop sinning, seduce the unstable, experts in greed. Doesn’t this explain those now a days pursuing abortion at choice or same sex marriage? It is not right for church hide in the prayer closet but as baptist John did bravely , as Jesus rebuked against those by calling them child of the devil and contended against them, church must not shy away from those brood of vipers but rise up and tell them the judgment due upon them and confront with the word of God. Yes the death of John the baptist and Jesus teach us even today how we should respond to child of the devil.