Spring is a time for new birth, new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s known as the season of HOPE. The earth is awakening, daffodils are blooming and children are outside.  Their voices inspire a desire to press in.

Our nation needs a fresh start.  How can we make a difference?

It’s not going to be easy.  We will have to make quite a few changes in our lifestyle and get out of our comfort zones. Are we ready for that? 

We believe the answer to our future lies in our children, but first it is up to us to get educated.  I’m personally inspired by Dr. Ben Carson and a man who will be in Wichita this weekend, Neil Mammen.  You might have heard him as this weekend will be his 10th speaking engagement in Kansas in the last 6 months. When questioned about being smart, he says, “I’m not smart, I’m just educated.”

You have an opportunity to hear him this Saturday morning in Wichita Kansas at Central Christian Church. 

Register here to attend the Awakening Freedom Tour this Saturday, March 29th in Wichita, KS: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07e8yabcb8363145b5&oseq=&c=&ch=

Click here to read an excerpt from Neil’s book, 40 Days Toward A More Godly Nation: http://www.jesusisinvolvedinpolitics.com/40DaystowardsamoreGodlyNationBookSamplepages.pdf


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  1. Chuck Akins

    “If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.”

    Samuel Adams 1780

    I encourage you to take ACTION and join our team of Patriots to convince our state leaders to strive for an application to hold an Article V Convention of the States. We the people need to use our beloved Constitution to fight for our liberty and freedoms! http://www.conventionofthestates.com