Speaking The Truth In Love

Flashpoint News from Kansas by Donna Lippoldt.

Fifty hand picked participants came to Kansas last week for a conference called the Reformation Project. It was planned by Matthew Vines, a 23-year-old homosexual from Kansas who believes scriptures allows for monogamous homosexual activity. Vines desire is to see the LGBT people supported by the local church.

We need to participate in the discussion? We must speak the truth in love while trying to change their heart and mind.  Many times Christians are afraid that they will be labeled intolerant.  We must first love them AND then stand for what the bible says.  Christ loves us all regardless of our sins but he also wants us to repent and turn from our wicked ways.

We can see that 1- 3% of the homosexuals are becoming well organized and vigilant. They are changing our laws and putting our children at risk. Each new law they challenge or put into place affects our youth.

Vines says he suspects that many conservative Christians will accept the interpretation of the Scriptures that he subscribes to within the next decade.

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