Run For Office?

Pray please for our legislature and Governor Brownback.  The education of our children is of utmost importance and finding good, devoted teachers is essential to out children’s future.  The most important thing is what they are being taught.  This year there are 5 positions up for election on the state school board. What more important position could their possibly be than to oversee the education of the next generation?

Now the school board is not the only office that needs good people to make decisions.  Have you ever considered running for office?  If you’re listening to Bott Radio Network, you are probably exactly the kind of person Kansas needs.  You care about the Lord, love to listen to Biblical teachers and keep up to date on the latest news. 

The Lord calls our civil servants “ministers.”  It’s a position of honor and we do honor and appreciate them.  Your local school board needs committed people to watch over the young ones. 

Please, pray for those in authority, and pray about running for office yourself.  If not you, then find a Godly candidate and work hard for them.  They will need your help and financial support.