Repentance and Forgiveness In Wichita

On Sunday night, in the city of Wichita, a spiritually historic moment in time took place.  At the Reconciliation Service, pastors repented and asked forgiveness for all spiritual, mental, and emotional wounds caused by them.  They said, “please forgive us for not leading by example, being ‘men pleasers’ rather than pleasers of God, for not equipping you adequately to fulfill your call and for building our own kingdom. We seek your forgiveness for times we have fallen into immorality, greed, and pride.  Will you forgive and release us from these sins and from bondage they have placed us in?” Then a member of the congregation, representing all of us, asked forgiveness for times we withheld tithes and offerings, gossiped about pastors and their families, times we had not stood up for you, times we opposed your ideas without cause and for not praying for you as we should. Time will not allow me to convey the depth of what I witnessed on Sunday evening.  God’s grace fell and freedom reigns.