Religious Freedom Is Under Attack in Kansas

Topeka council OKs sexual orientation ordinance!
Unfortunately, Topeka didn’t have enough Christians on their city council, or Christians to testify against this ordinance.
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Now, do you believe that we need Christians in politics?
Pastors & believers must unify and testify.
Alliance Defending Freedom stands ready to assist.
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Are the believers in Topeka unaware of what this means?  Do they know the cases across the nation where Christian businesses have closed down because they refused to compromise their principles?  Are they unaware that this ordinance can force a Christian bakery to close or compromise their religious freedom to make a wedding cake for a homosexual marriage or civil union?
click here for story of bakery closing it’s doors:
In a YMCA a transgendered male can use the women’s locker room, take showers etc.
California recently passed a similar ordinance and now the little boys and girls get to choose what sex they feel like on a given day and can then use either restroom in their schools.  That is where this leads. This is not HATE to stand against this ordinance, it’s love and protection.
Do you remember the dark cloud that hung over Manhattan, four years ago, when we battled against this same ordinance? I was in Manhattan working with Pastors to stand against this very same ordinance.  If you’ll remember the ordinance did pass, but two months later, when the city council was up for re-election, they voted in Christians that revoked the ordinance immediately.
What I admired about the Manhattan Pastors group is that they accomplished their goal without hate, but in love.  We held a rally where a young man gave testimony about coming out of this lifestyle.  Many of the homosexual activist came in toward the end and were moved to begin a dialogue. It can be done in love.