Reconciliation and Unity Service In Wichita

On Sunday, the state of Kansas watched as our two top basketball teams face off in the NCAA tournament.  Families might have been split, many in the state were split on who we wanted to win.  However, in the end, whoever won, would represent the great state of Kansas.  The disciples came to Jesus and said, “Lord, those other guys, they’re healing in your name!!!….Jesus said, “If they are not against us, they are on our side.” Now, we will unify around WSU….what about the church?  Are we ready for unity?  On Palm Sunday night in the city of Wichita, Pastors are coming together for a Reconciliation Service.  There will be repentance, Pastor to Pastor, Pastor to congregation, Congregation to Pastor.  The goal is unity.  Pray for Wichita, that we might be one spiritually and if this resonates with you, if you’ve had church splits, if there’s been gossip, hurt feelings, bitterness with other believers it’s time to put it under the blood.  Forgiveness is freeing.


March 29th – 6 p.m. Church At the Cross – 2901 W. Taft St Wichita, Ks.

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1

Wichita means “scattered huts or houses.” True spiritual unity flows from the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our Lord’s people.  John 17:20,­23 This city has had division and divisiveness in its roots throughout its history. Several churches that have been regularly meeting together for unity’s sake are going to have a “Reconciliation and Unity Service.”

Our city has been spiritually dysfunctional in many ways; church splits, church disablements, wounded pastors, wounded leaders and wounded sheep scattered and abandon, a divisive spirit, leviathan twisting and perverting the truth. Therefore the spiritual growth of our city has been stifled. We want to correct and heal this situation. We feel the Lord has called us to have a service to release healing and forgiveness and bring unity to Wichita. We want to obey and apply the Word of God to affect and Change the spiritual atmosphere of Wichita.

“He will forgive our sin as we forgive others— if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Matt. 6:12,14,­15

The service will include:

1. A pastor representing all pastors will repent to the sheep (congregation) for wounds caused by previous pastors or us and ask for forgiveness.

2.  A person representing the sheep will repent to the pastors and ask forgiveness for wounding and casting out pastors from their flocks.

3.  We will have pastor representing leaders asking forgiveness of other pastors and leaders for bad mouthing, a jealous spirit causing division, wanting authority that wasn’t theirs, thereby hurting the body of Christ.

4.  Sheep repent to sheep for spreading gossip, backbiting, and causing splits in the body of Christ. We will then ask love to flow from and to all churches that believe Jesus Christ is Lord and the only way to our Father in heaven.

5. We will pray for sheep that have been wounded and that are either hiding in large churches or not going to church at all to be healed, restored in fellowship, planted and bringing forth the fruit, gifts, purposes and plans of the Lord in their lives and in the body of Christ. We will worship, proclaim unity over our city and take communion together.

Please RSVP so we will know how many are coming.

(City Church 618.7700) If you can’t come will you please consider having your own repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity service?