Preparing for Landing

The Spiritual History of Kansas proves that the Lord has chosen the tip of the spear from the heart of the nation.  Kansas historians say that the Holy Spirit came to Topeka over 100 years ago and He wants to come again.  I’ve been studying the spiritual history of Kansas and I am moved by our heritage. One example of a Godly man that impacted our state was Billy Sunday. He came and spoke in Kansas and hundreds turned their lives over to the Lord.

Kansas is known for our contribution to aviation and for building the planes that travel the world and go into war. While we make planes that travel to far off places every plane needs somewhere to land.  Kansas in the past, has be a so-called landing strip for the Holy Spirit before and I hope we are preparing for another landing soon. I will be speaking more on this at a further date.

Joshua 3:5 “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”  Consecrate means to set yourself apart.  In Kansas we are going to set ourselves apart and prepare a landing strip.  We are preparing a landing place for the Holy Spirit.

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