Praying for Kansas

Yesterday was the beginning of the legislative session in Kansas. Over 100 people from across the state gathered to say to our Kansas leaders, “We are here and we’re praying for you.” As we gathered in the Old Supreme Court Room, worshiped and prayed.

Representatives and Senators came in one by one to be prayed for.  We prayed for wisdom, courage, their families, and the future of Kansas.  There was much prayer for the children of Kansas.  We asked the Lord to make the home the spiritual center of our nation.  We also prayed for Mothers and Fathers to take responsibility to disciple their children. 

Citizens who hadn’t been in the capitol since it’s renovation went into the House and Senate Chambers to pray.  The Rotunda is beautifully refurbished, and we believe it symbolized a new beginning for Kansas. Kansas has lower taxes, highest revenue ever, increasing jobs (1,000 each month were reported),  numerous new families are moving into Kansas from 3 of the 4 surrounding states. Kansas is on the rise, and we assured the legislators that we will continue to pray. 

For further information or to find out how you can pray at the Capitol contact Donna.

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One response on “Praying for Kansas

  1. Jean Balthazor

    Blessings to you – may all the prayers linger before His throne, taking root below and bearing much fruit above. Glory to Jehovah!!!