Prayer of Thanksgiving

On this Christmas Eve, I would like to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for our Father’s graciousness.

Father in Heaven, we humbly bow before you and are amazed at your great love.  As we enter the throne room, and join with the angels crying Holy, Holy, Holy, we look at your great sacrifice, and our great joy.  The gift of your Son.
Father, would you allow us to model our life after His?  Would you give us the grace to see the simplicity of the life Jesus led here on earth?   Would you help us to simplify our lives, and see what you said to Him before He came to earth?  In Psalm 2:7, You said, Son, if you ask of Me, I will give the nations to your for your inheritance.” 
 Why do we want freedom so badly?  Because without it the gospel cannot go forth.  Help us to focus this day, on your gift to us.  Help us to be a gift to you.

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