Prayer Makes A Come Back

Liberal High School brings back student led prayers:

Liberal High School school committee unanimously decided to bring back student-led prayer on the public announcement system.

Well, In the days since they have had some legal council that has now written it as a “pre-game message” of “opinions and philosophies” over the P.A.

Praise God for the school board standing up for what they believe in and for not staying politically correct, but of course, since then, lawyers had to get involved. We just want to say thank you to the members on the board who spoke up for what they felt was right and for following their convictions not matter what society says.

We all know prayer is important.  Our founding fathers though so and they lived and died to defend it. Christians we have to stay involved, get informed and keep fighting for what we believe is right.

 Here are a few links to follow this story in more detail :