Prayer Conferences

I just returned from two powerful conferences.  The first conference I attended was in South Carolina called The Pastors and Pews Conference.  I heard Senator Ted Cruz, Pastor Laurence White, Bob McEwen spoke and still the message was there is Hope, and our HOPE is in the Lord.

In Indianapolis Dave Butts, Chairman of the National Prayer Committee, encouraged us saying “God has chosen to use prayer to change things on the planet.”

Kansas, it’s time to step it up.  As humbling as it is, He’s decided to use you and me.   Once again I’m asking you to mark your calendars for January 13th and come to Topeka and attend Prayer on the Hill.  We will be launching prayer and fasting for real change.

Prayer on the Hill

Prayer on the Hill is simply Christians coming to Topeka and praying at the capitol during the legislative session. We welcome Christians from across the state of Kansas from different churches and ministries. We walk through the capitol and seek the Lord for righteousness to rule here. If there are committee hearings, we ask that you attend them and sit in the back and pray. If the House or Senate is in session, please send part of your team to the Gallery to intercede for Truth (God’s will). Righteousness Shall Reign in Kansas


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