Prayer & Action. . . Call your legislators


 Prayer & ACTION
Call your legislator and these committee members – you can call and leave a message in the evening or anytime, they count the calls!
Once again, the halls of our capitol are swarming with lobbyist trying to convince our legislators in their favor to increase the number of outlets for hard liquor from around 700 to over 2500. 

These highly paid front men and women, work for Kroger, Quick Trip, Dillons, etc.  They want to increase sales and profit for corporations that aren’t even housed in Kansas.

Family owned liquor stores are highly regulated and watched.  They know their customers.  This new proposal would allow 18 year olds to handle and sell hard liquor. 

Why would Kansas need to make hard liquor so available to underage citizens, and why for Heaven’s sake can’t adults walk next door to buy wine or hard liquor if they want?


It’s time for the citizens of Kansas to say STOP IT!  Just STOP IT!.  We care about our state and you can’t have our kids.  Call your legislator TODAY because this bill will be in committee Monday, February 9 & 10th.  

Chair:  Mark Hutton  –           785- 296-7488

V.chair: Les Mason  –                        296-7640

Ranking Minority
Stan Frownfelter                                296-7691
Richard Billinger                                296-7676
Steve Brunk                                         296-7645
J.R, Claeys                                           296-7670
Ken Corbet                                          296-7679
Travis Couture-Lovelady                   296-4683
Basil Dannebohm                               296-7682
Erin Davis                                           296-3971
Lane Hemslely                                    296-7460
Marvin Kleeb                                      296-7680
Frederick Patton                                296-7460
Louis Ruiz                                           296-7630
Gene Sullentrop                                 296-7681
Annie Tietze                                       296-7668
Brandon Whipple                              296-7366