Pray With Us




Dear God of Heaven, we call forth today in Your Name to protect our nation, the state of Kansas and every city in Kansas. As we approach the 13th year since 9/11. We ask that you would awaken your people to be on the wall and expose the plots of the enemy. Everyone must see that the enemy is here in our nation. We thank you for your word that is alive. Help us to pray around our cities before 9/11 praying Psalm 9, 10 & 91. Help us to pray II Chronicles 20. Help us to lay aside our regular work and be your watchmen on the wall. We thank you are watching the bowls of Heaven being filled with the prayers of the saints. We are asking that the bowls would tip toward the unsaved and that they would want Jesus. We cry out for revival, no matter how messy it gets.

We pray in the Name of Jesus, Our Lord, Our Savior, Our God and Our King.