Pray for Every Home

Donna’s Testimony about Pray for Every Home:
I received an e-mail from a friend who shared the video. I was immediately excited and praised the Lord for the technology to implement such a plan. This is truly a strategy that can release the power of God into our very own neighborhood. Praying by name empowers us in a personal way.
What happens: After signing up, I received an e-mail welcoming me to the site. They sent me an e-mail with my first 5 names and addresses. I walked down the street and located the homes and began to ask the Lord to bring the light of Christ into their home. I ask the Lord what He would have me pray for that home. Since we serve a MIGHTY GOD, He’s willing to give us insight.
Upon returning home, I receive an e-mail labeled “info.” I click on that link and it tells them that I have finished praying for those neighbors. Up pops a map and those houses turn green instead of red. I can map my progress. You’ll find, as you go through the neighborhood you’ll continue to pray as you pass the homes you’ve
already prayed for. Each day, you’ll receive the next 5 names, and in 20 days, you’ll have prayed for your 100 closest neighbors.
At the end of those 20 days, you’ll simply start again. I believe the Lord will open doors for a more personal touch. Perhaps they’ll be outside and you can tell them you are prayer walking through the neighborhood and ask if there is anything they need prayer for. He might even have you knock on their door.
During inclement weather, you can simply hop in your car and drive if necessary. The point is we are taking ground for the Lord Jesus Christ, changing hearts one neighbor at a time. The GLORY GOES TO THE LORD, and HE WILL WORK!