Please Tell Them To Wait!!!!


God is not the author of confusion.  When we pray sometimes the Lord says YES, sometimes He says NO and sometimes He says WAIT!

HR5 is a 600 page bill supposedly being voted on Friday.  CSN has been on the phone with D.C. and our representatives and they insist this is a good bill, and yet TODAY they say over 100 amendments will be discussed.

Then they insist they will vote on this on FRIDAY.  Is this Representative government?  I think not.  We do not want our representatives to take on the Pelosi attitude…..pass the bill and then we’ll find out what’s in it?  If it passes it goes to the Presidents desk, he signs it and it’s law…sound familiar????

Bottom line.

The federal government has no right to be in a states business when it comes to education.  Oh yes, there are billions in federal aid with many strings attached. CSN says WAIT.

By the way, the HSLDA does not support HR5.

Please call your representative and tell them you want them to WAIT until after the amendments are made.  This should take no longer than 10 minutes!!

Representative Mike Pompeo – 202-225-6216
Representative Lynn Jenkins – 202 225-6601
Representative Kevin Yoder – 202-225-2865
Representative Tim Huelscamp – 202-225-2715