Please Call Your Legislator Today About The Following Bills


There is a lot to pray about in our nation and in the state of Kansas.

The legislature is busy making important decisions and they need our prayers and our phone calls.  Two bills that need your support are:

SB 175 – Student Religious Freedom Bill – VOTE YES to Make sure student leaders are moral believers!

Read more about this bill here:

HB 2292 Will Stop Common Core – VOTE YES to save our children from the U.N. curriculum!

Ask your legislator to support the bills above! VOTE YES

Ask your legislator to VOTE NO on the following bills!

HB 2537 & SB 192 – Stop Expansion of Gambling – VOTE NO!

HB 2718 – Expansion of Wine & Hard beer in Grocery & Convenience Stores – VOTE NO!

The gambling lobbyist want to bypass the committee and believe they have the votes to expand gambling, bring slots to greyhound race tracks and start dog and horse racing in Kansas.

Believe me, just as with the expansion of hard liquor into grocery and convenience stores all you have to do is simply follow the money. Greed from gambling and greed from your local Dillons, HyVee and Quick Trip threaten to harm Kansas.

Please call your legislators today and let our voices be heard.