Our Elected Officials Are Under Attack. Please Pray!

Our legislators, in Topeka, are under attack. 

They are asking for prayer. 

In fact some of them have had their neighborhood canvassed along with their own home and family.

We are asking you to pray for the legislators.  Here are a few prayer requests. 

As we fast we deny ourselves and turn our focus off of us and onto the Lord.

Prayer for Legislature of Kansas that moves the heart of God 

  • Pray for unity of purpose, that the enemy of division will not win
  • Pray for righteousness for Kansas
  • Pray for wisdom, understanding and integrity
  • Pray that the Kansas we leave the next generation will be HOLY
  • Pray that whatever opposes the Lords purposes will be defeated
  • Pray that all of us will love the lost and be brokenhearted for them
  • Pray for healing where there are wounds
  • Pray for forgiveness as the Lord forgives
  • Pray for the protection of their families
  • Encourage your legislators, fast and pray for them