Christian Movies in Hollywood

In September, I heard former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum speak of family values, how he has hope for America and just how desperately we all want our nation to return to the Lord.

Rick Santorum, is now CEO of EchoLight Studios, the first movie company to produce, finance, market and distribute faith-based, family films across all releasing platforms. He’s stepped into an adventure to reach the masses with wholesome movies.

This weekend, November 22nd, EchoLight Studios will celebrate the opening of their new, world-class Christmas movie entitled The Christmas Candle. Culture Shield wholeheartedly endorses this movie and encourages Christians and churches everywhere to attend and support the world premiere of what promises to be an instant and enduring Christmas classic.

It is encouraging after the announcement by Tony Perkins that we can look forward to more family friendly movies.  We have prayed for years for Hollywood, and the Lord has answered our prayers as Tony shared that they were ready to release 15 more movies.

Despite, the battle we are in for religious liberty, the entertainment sphere seems to be producing some excellent work.  Tomorrow I’ll share what Ray Comfort has done.

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