Military Chaplains Religious Restrictions

At the Pastors & Pews Conference I attended last week, I learned that our military has put ridiculous restrictions on our chaplains.

Were you aware that our military chaplains cannot have a Bible on their desk?  Also, recently they were informed that they would have to perform homosexual marriages.  The army has undermined all it’s values for “tolerance.”  Now we can’t even give our opinion.  We must work to stop the repression of Christian Faith.  We need to speak out and step up to the challenge.  A law suit has been filed for discrimination.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council recently said, “The government is on a search & destroy mission as far as our religious freedom.”

Please pray for our nation, our military and our men and women from Kansas who are serving in the military.  Pray that they will stay strong, remember their values, and most of all their creator.

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