Kansas Teachers Now Have An Option

Teachers of Kansas are you aware that there are other options that can protect you as teachers besides the NEA?  Many have not been informed, but we want you to seek options that might be better for you.

If you would like an organization and not a union, that can provide you with legal liability coverage, that is non-partisan you might like the Kansas Association of American Educators. By joining you won’t be involved in political races with your money, and if you would like to save 2/3 of your dues, you will like the Kansas Association of American Educators.

Six school districts in Kansas have already decertified from the NEA. Those who listen to Bott Radio Network know the progressive, liberal agenda of the NEA.  If you didn’t think you had a choice, your worries are over.

Gary Sigle, leader of this organization would really like to talk to you.  Thanks to Governor Brownback, KANAAE can now talk to you and let you know you have an option.

For further information go to: http://www.kanaae.org/