Join Me For Statewide Prayer

I just returned from the National Governors Prayer Team Conference in Florida. Our speaker Doug Small is a seasoned teacher on prayer, and he spoke on specifically launching a community or state into prayer movements.

Our first step in Kansas will begin on Tuesday, November 18th at 6 a.m.I will be hosting a statewide prayer call each Tuesday for 15 min.  I’ve invited believers, Pastors, Marketplace, Educators, Media, parents, students to join in this strategic prayer time to move Kansas to a new level of God’s grace and mercy. If you’d like to join with us here is the number 559-726-1000, Code 205482#.   Pray Kansas begins.  

7 years ago my husband and I traveled the state launching another prayer initiative called Operation Rolling Thunder. We held 25 workshops in 3 months and many of you participated and some still do. We are now asking for you to join us in this new endeavor. Our prayer time will cover alerts, concerns, breaking strongholds in every area.  We will also pray for our Governor and the state of Kansas.

It’s a simple process.  To join us simply call at 6 a.m. and dial 559-726.1000 and then enter code 205482#.