Intentional in 2014


Setting goals, call them resolutions if you like, but setting goals is intentional.  Let’s be intentional for 2014.

I’m going to ask you to pray for courage; courage in 2014 to speak the truth in love to those who are lost in this world.  Let’s pray for a broken heart for the lost.  That means instead of just passing by someone who helps you out with your groceries, you might be intentional to share your faith.  That clerk who helps you at the store, the plumber or mailman, they might not have heard about Jesus.  Who will be Jesus to them?  Could we slow down, and really look at each person the way CHRIST looks at them?  Could we care?

That’s my prayer for this New Year, that I might be Christ to the world.  He said, “You are a light to the world, You are a city on a hill.”  That means you, not the pastor of your church, not the youth leader, but you.

Let’s make that our intentional goal for 2014.   God Bless you all this 2014 from all at Culture Shield Network!