Impress on them . . .

There is a dedicated effort to remove God from our nation.  Have you have wondered what kind of nation will be left for your children or grandchildren?  Has the church lost it’s voice in our culture? 

Well, not if we all wake up and speak up.  We are praying that our children will be alert to the threats, but that will only happen if their parents and grandparents take time to disciple them and teach them the ways of the Lord. 

Please mark your calendar for the Awakening Freedom Tour which will be going across the state of Kansas beginning in the K.C. area on February 8th.

At the AFT we will have resources you might use as you lie down, as you rise up, as you walk by the way, always looking for those teachable moments.  Try choosing books that your children and grandchildren will be interested in, inspirational books about heros from long ago.