House of Prayer

Last Sunday, the church I attend was truly a House of Prayer.  That’s not so unusual, but it really hit me because I spent much of last weekend watching and participating in the Prayer Cast with the National Day of Prayer.

Sunday afternoon I went to the NDP website to see what is archived to view.  To my delight Dave Butts, President of the National Day of Prayer, was on the video talking about his church.  It is a church that I believe the Lord would be pleased with.  They do the same things most churches do but then they go into prayer at the end.  I believe you will be truly blessed by watching this video. Click here to watch:

It’s time for the Body of Christ to shift and make our churches what God said, Houses of Prayer. If you already attend a church that you can call a house of prayer, you are highly blessed.  If you don’t, challenge your leaders and ask why there isn’t more prayer in your services.  Ask to hold a prayer meeting at church or in your home.

 Let’s make all our churches Houses of Prayer!