Father Denied The Right To See Schools Sex Education Curriculum

Last Monday night Mark Ellis, the parent with the middle school student at Hocker Grove School in Shawnee, Kansas went to the meeting after being told that a decision would be made about the schools sex education curriculum.  His daughter took a picture of a poster that was used in their sex ed class that was definitely inappropriate to say the least.

Culture Shield assisted in alerting people from the area and over 100 people came to the meeting.  The school board declined to make a decision saying, “we’ve decided to postpone the discussion.”

This is a tactic to discourage parents from being involved.  They think parents will lose interest and not show up. 

Are you aware that the Shawnee Mission School Board denied this father a copy of the curriculum?  This is America and we pay taxes.  We should be able to review any curriculum that our children are being taught.

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Warning: This link contains the poster some may find offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is recommended.  http://kfor.com/2014/01/15/would-you-be-ok-with-your-childs-school-using-these-terms-in-sex-education/