Hmmm . . . Who would Jesus vote for?

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Have you ever asked yourself, who would Jesus vote for? It’s an interesting question.  I don’t know what your litmus test is, but mine starts with LIFE. If someone can’t understand “Thou shalt not murder,” we’ve got a problem.

Then there are family values.  Where do they stand on marriage? 

Please do not assume you know where your candidate stands.  Recently a representative, who happened to be a pastor, upheld abortion as a choice women should be free to make and he didn’t want further restrictions.

Others were shocked at this discovery, however, once your cast your vote, God will hold you accountable for scrutinizing the man or woman of your choice.

Remember in God’s Word when the disciples chose the one to take Judas place they fasted and prayed before they chose.  

A wrong vote holds serious consequences for which God will hold us accountable.

When Jethro told Moses to choose men over 10’s, thousands and hundreds, it was a serious decision.

Please go into that voting booth prepared before the Lord.