Happy Kansas Day!

Kansas Day has been observed since 1877.

Activities on Kansas Day center on museums, historic sites, schools and the Kansas State Capitol.  At the Capitol students are invited to explore the state’s history, vote for their favorite famous Kansan and learn historic skills.

Kansas Day is an annual observance that commemorates the state’s admission to the Union in 1861.

Do you remember when you were in school drawing the Jayhawk and sunflower every year?

Honestly, we should be happy, as it has a strong biblical message.  Sunflowers are very productive and they produce thousands of seeds and the seeds are very nutritious.  As the sun rises the sunflower lifts its head and turns as the day goes by to always turn its face toward the sun.  Every night it recalculates and faces the east again.  We should follow Jesus as the sunflower does.  It’s root system is extensive and drought resistant.  We need to go deep in the word so we do become drought resistant.  

Happy Kansas Day!

Watch this video about Sunflowers and how they relate to our Christian faith.