Great News For Our Religious Freedom in Kansas

Today, the Kansas House passed  HB 2453 which will ensure that the state government, and local governments, cannot require religious institutions or individuals to serve a role in a wedding or commitment ceremony that violates their religious beliefs, or otherwise punish them for their beliefs on marriage.

This is great news for Kansas churches, adoption agencies, individuals and citizens. 

Across the country, Christian florists, bakers, and photographers have been investigated and even fined by government agencies for declining to serve same-sex weddings on the basis of their religious beliefs. 

Congratulations Kansas…you are leading the way again in protecting your citizens from laws that violate our religious freedom. 

Please pray now as this bill heads to the Senate and then to the Governors desk to be signed.

We, as Christians love the people, but cannot allow homosexuals to dictate to us what we can do with our freedom. Please continue to pray for the protection of marriage between one man and one woman in our nation.

Now They’re Suing Churches: Read more here:


2 responses on “Great News For Our Religious Freedom in Kansas

  1. Sheri Alexander

    I know that when this bill comes to Governor Sam Brownback’s office that he will sign it into law! At least some states still realize that we have constitutional right and are willing to stand up for them!

  2. Tony Allwright

    I was in bondage all my life with homosexuality, Porn, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, anger, lying, and much much more. I always had God in my heart but only called on Him when I needed something. God was tugging on my heart and in 2010 I surrendered it all to Him. That is the day God started pealing off the old Tony for the new Tony in Christ to shine. I thank Him daily for my new Life in Him. I was told all my life I was born this way. i can say today I wasn’t . It was a pack of lies from the devil. If you would like to read more about my life go tony web site Day of Deliverance. I pray that any one that is struggling with any of these or anything else call on God. He is our Deliverer, Healer, and comforter . God Bless