From the desk of Governor Brownback . . .

From the desk of Governor Brownback:

“On Sept. 11, we honor the memories of the men, women and children who perished that day,” said Governor Brownback. “We remember their families and friends. And we remember the courage of our first responders who rushed forward in the face of extreme danger to rescue those who needed help.

I urge all Kansans to take a moment today to pray for those we lost, their families and friends and to remember the bravery of first responders across the nation.”

From Culture Shield we just want to say We will never forget the loss of life on that day or the loss of life in Benghazi. There is a warning in God’s word that I was given yesterday as I was reading my Bible.  It comes from Ezekiel 33:3, “ And he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people. ”People of Kansas and America, be on alert, for the enemy creeps around like a roaring lion.

But remember,all authority on Heaven and Earth has been given to JESUS.