“Freedom Fighters”


The day before Thanksgiving in America means we’re cooking, cleaning, and preparing to honor the Lord . . . right? Our family is coming, and we’re anxious to all be together. In the busyness I’d encourage you to put praise music in your kitchen and focus on the creator who brought our forefathers to this great nation.  The pilgrims separated themselves to protect the Word of the Lord, and establish “FREEDOM.”  Are we ready to do the same?  Do we have a fight in us as they did as they were put into prison for reading the Bible?  When they left for Holland the women & children were separated from the husbands and fathers and were caught and thrown into jail.  When they finally were reunited, they knew they had to leave for America in order to preserve their beliefs.

Leaving in November on a small boat 102 “Freedom Fighters” bravely set out.   We can be THANKFUL that these courageous men, women and children braved the Atlantic and planted a cross on our soil.