Forgiveness & Purpose


The majority of people at The Response in Louisiana were under 50 years of age. Reinhardt Bonke said …”There’s a new generation rising”. The over 60 pastors called forth the young people and asked their forgiveness. They asked forgiveness for trying to put them in a religious mold. Then, the younger generation turned to the older generation and said, we have watched many of you and learned from you. Forgive us for not following. We speak a blessing over the older generation. Forgive us for how we shut down, and closed that valve of our heart and stopped the flow of the anointing in our churches and in our nation. We are choosing today to open that valve and we want the full release of that anointing to flow into our culture. Thank you for calling us into our identity and our purpose. Thank you for praying for us. We thank you for your integrity and thank you for the love you have had for us. Thank you for not rejecting us.

Kansas…let’s call forth that next generation to go further into the Kingdom, that we have.