For the sake of Christ’s Kingdom, VOTE.

Did you know that 60 million Christians did not vote in the last election?

 Free elections are the cherished privilege of every American, bought and paid for with the blood of Christian founders and countless others in the past 226 years. It is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for every Christian to witness for righteousness.

 Those who hate God are dividing and threatening to destroy our nation… The very soul of America is under attack. 

 The deadline for registration in Kansas is July 15th

 Please ask your Pastor for permission to set up a table in your church for the next 3 Sundays.  Go to the election office to get forms or print them off of the Secretary of States website.  On July 15th you will  then need to hand carry these registration forms to your election office.

 Also, please get the advance ballot forms so that they can vote by mail in case they are out of town.  One church who thought their people were of course registered were surprised when 800 members signed up.

I beg you to be more active in the elections than ever before. Register others to vote and help take them to the polls. Make donations to godly leaders. A

And, literally, for the sake of Christ’s kingdom, VOTE…(August 5th) and every election!

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