Fasting And Prayer


Today is 7/7, the seventh day to pray with Anne Graham Lotz and her call to fast 7 hours today.  We have prayed for the last 7 days and now the fast begins.


God says in His word for us to fast and pray.  Several weeks ago, as I was mediating on Jesus, I saw steel walls that melted into puddles. All the walls were down.  I sensed those walls were between denominations. 


What happens when we fast? How does fasting sharpen our spiritual focus? By denying ourselves, taking time away from preparation of food, we go before Almighty God, sensing His Presence as we really should everyday all day.  It’s a reminder that He’s just that close.  As close as a thought, a prayer, a look; He never moves, He’s always there waiting for us…waiting for us to focus, to ask, to knock, waiting for us to seek His presence. 


Today, as we focus on fasting and prayer, I pray that Kansas will awaken, as the beauty of green is flowing across our state in some places for the first time in months. 

Day 7: